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Kat Perkins – The Voice 2014 – Gold Dust Woman – Video

Kat Perkins sang “Gold Dust Woman” on The Voice 2014 Season 6 Blind Auditions.


Kat is 33 from Minneapolis, MN. She was a yodelling cowgirl in a country review show for 5 years. She was also part of a band with her ex-husband. They opened for Bon Jovi, but things fell apart after her divorce. She is now a nanny.

Performance Video

This was just OK for me. I thought it was a little bit flat (middling and not going anywhere) and didn’t really get exciting until the very end when she hit that long note. She found her stride at that point though and ultimately got 3 chairs.

My rating: 3 / 5 stars

Download MP3: Gold Dust Woman

Coach Comments

Coach Push Sales Pitch
Adam Levine Push Adam Levine: The high notes seared the entire auditnce.
Shakira Push Shakira: You are amazing. I want you desperately. I’m on top of every detail.
Usher Push Usher: You were incredible for many reasons. You held this looooooong note and wow.
Blake Shelton - Blake Shelton: I wasn’t part of this but… let the battle begin!
Kat Perkins - The Voice 2014 - Gold Dust Woman (NBC)

Kat Perkins – The Voice 2014 – Gold Dust Woman (NBC)


Team Adam Levine

Shakira and Usher gave compelling pitches, but ultimately…

Kat Perkins chose:

And she pounced on him! She said the he really fought hard to get the rocker chick and he did.

Download MP3: Gold Dust Woman

Kat Perkins - The Voice 2014 (NBC)

Kat Perkins – The Voice 2014 (NBC)

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Flat?!?  Where we watching the same performance? lol  She's way more than just a yodelling cowgirl and a nanny.  Maybe you should give her a youtube search.  

Rickey moderator

@MaryMoond  I will re-phrase, I thought it was "middling and not going anywhere". It wasn't "out of tune".