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Joshua Ledet – You Raise Me Up – American Idol 11 Video MP3

Joshua Ledet sang on the American Idol 11 Top 4

GO BDND™! Go Pride of Louisiana! Go Joshua! HE WILL WIN!!!

You can vote for Joshua Ledet by calling 1-866-IDOLS-03 (1-866-436-5703) or Text “VOTE” to 5703


Randy Jackson: You validate what we say.

Jennifer Lopez: You almost raised us up too. Really great.

Steven Tyler: You are the plane are right now.

Joshua Ledet  You Raise Me Up  American Idol 11 Video MP3

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Very poor song choice, not right for his voice at all. Josh Groban he is not!


joshua was great as usual but he probably wont win, not because he might be gay but because  the young girls will vote for the  WGWG (phillip) . Enuf already with the gay bashing and the claims that he is screaming ( Jessica is singing now and that is screaming)


It's ok.  The first part for me was believable until he screamed it.  :(


News Flash: One Black Male Diva Leaving AI Tomorrow.... For more info watch Tomorrow's Episode


Not even close to being in the area of, the vicinity of, the shadow that is being cast over him, by the great Josh Groban. Hot garbage.