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Josh Brookes disqualified from ‘The X Factor Australia’

Josh Brookes has been kicked off from The X Factor Australia after soliciting nude photos from fans on the Internet with booted contestant Adil Memon. Wh-what?

FremantleMedia Australia and Channel Seven issued a statement today that Josh has been disqualified from the show.

Josh Brookes disqualified from  The X Factor Australia

From Herald Sun:

The 20-year-old labourer was hosting an unauthorised live chat with another hopeful, Adil Memon, when they allegedly asked fans to “send us banana pics”.

It is understood the phrase is teen talk meaning naked images.

Memon, 18, was voted off the Channel 7 program on Tuesday night, but Brookes was officially disqualified over the incident when it was brought to the attention of producers FremantleMedia Australia.

In a swift response not prompted by media enquiries, Seven issued a statement confirming the serious breach of it’s social media policy.

“During an out of hours social media session Josh behaved in an inappropriate manner that put him in breach of his responsibilities to this program. After a careful review of the incident, FremantleMedia Australia, producers of the program, together with Channel Seven made a joint decision to remove him from the competition. Josh will return home to Perth.”

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