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Johnny Keyser – Remember Who He Really Is – Public Service Announcement from Gabe

I know a lot of you are charmed by the face.


But lets just take a minute here and remember who Johnny Keyser *really* is…

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During the beginning of the season last year I never cared for Johnny Keyser. I was thought his voice was overrated and that the only thing that really pushed him through was his interesting face. I got a bad vibe from him from the first audition but I was very aware that it was very unfair for me to judge him for that. —however, at this moment, this moment where someone faints—where everyone stops what they are doing to make sure that she is alive and still breathing; all this a-hole did was care about himself and foolishly try to continue to push his own agenda by singing while someone may have been dead.

Sure. Everyone makes mistakes. Everyone is insensitive from time to time. Everyone does stupid shiz. I am sure he has apologized for his actions–he may even be embarrassed by them. If someone fainted on stage again this year he probably stopped singing. The problem is…I don’t think he’s changed. I just do not feel it.

He is completely and utterly lacking humbleness. Again, I think if the situation repeated itself, he wouldn’t behave in the same manner…but motivation is important here. He would not stop singing out of genuine compassion or concerned. He would stop singing because he would remember how so many people reacted.

Until I feel like I am proven wrong, I just cannot bring myself to be okay with this fella. It certainly doesn’t help that his voice is very dry and his singing is above average at best. I just can’t with him and to all of you I just have to say…



Johnny Keyser. Just don’t do it..or well, him.

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