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John McAfee Sent to Miami, North Korea satellite ‘tumbling out of control’

Michael C. Hall’s Super-Weird GQ Photoshoot (CONAN)

Florence Welch stopped a fight at her concert (PopBytes)

Do Samuel L Jackson and Jamie Foxx have something to tell us? (Seriously OMG)

Seth MacFarlane’s ‘Ted’ appears in person on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ (Hypable)

Adele Fined For Not Registering Baby (PopCrush)

Peter Jackson Will Shoot ‘Tintin’ Sequel Next Year (ScreenCrush)

‘Degrassi’ Star Jake Epstein Swings Into Action As Broadway’s Spider-Man (StarCrush)

Simon Cowell to Remain Judge on ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ Next Year (THR)

Aziz Ansari Revealed As Voice Behind Popular ‘Homeland’ Twitter Parody (THR)

John McAfee Sent to Miami (Daily Beast)

Adam Sandler Sings “Hallelujah (Sandy, Screw Ya)” at 12-12-12 Concert (Gossip Cop)

Lindsay Lohan Unfollows The Wanted’s Max George After He Called Her a Groupie (Ace Showbiz) – The least of her concerns, sigh.

US officials: North Korea satellite is “tumbling out of control” (Pando Daily) – At risk of hitting other satellites. OMG.

Montana Microburst Flattens Trees like Toothpicks (Slate)

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