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Jillian Jensen – Who You Are – The X Factor – Full Audition Video

Jillian Jensen auditions with “Who You Are” by Jessie J on The X Factor.

She literally cried through this entire performance and the audience and judges LOVED it. Simon cried! Take that bullies! Jillian has the same tattoo as Demi Lovato: “Stay strong.”

Watch the video here:

Jillian Jensen  Who You Are  The X Factor

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Demi Lovato was a great addition to this show XD 

This was a great audition :] 


ugh -- did not like that all.  Yes -- she had her back-story, but there was no way she deserved those reactions from the judge.


She's a good singer with a unique voice, but the overwhelming focus on bullying as backstories these past two years is tiring. I get that it's an important issue, but when everyone claims to have been bullied and we forget about looking for amazing singers, the X-Factor continues to veer off into an overproduced show. :/ Unpopular opinion probably.