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Jessi Slaughter’s father Gene Leonhardt dead at 53

Jessi Slaughter Father Child Abuse

Jessi Slaughter‘s father Gene Leonhardt has died of a heart attack. He was 53.

RIP. But he will live forever on the Internet.

Jessi is now in foster care, after her father punched her in the mouth last March. She posted an apology video (via a friend since she has no computer now) on the day of his death.

For those who don’t know, Jessi became subject of a Internet “bullying” after she posted some really offensive YouTube videos. Her father then went on a rant on YouTube which spread like wildfire.

From Charleston Gazette:

Obituary: Gene C. Leonhardt
Gene C. Leonhardt, 53, of Dunnellon died Aug. 11, 2011, at home. Condolences may be made to robertsofdunnellon.com. Roberts Funeral Home, Dunnellon.

Watch the apology video here:

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