Jesse & the Rippers reunite on Jimmy Fallon

Credit: NBC

Credit: NBC

Though the show has been over for well past a decade now, Full House fans best remember John Stamos as Uncle Jesse Katsopolis, the Greek rocker with the badass hair, the hot wife, and a pretty cool studio in the basement of his brother-in-law’s impossibly large San Francisco house. In the story of the series, Jesse actually hits it big with his band — Jesse & the Rippers — whose song, “Forever”, reached #1 in Japan and spawned a terrifically cheesy music video.

It’s been roughly two decades since Jesse & the Rippers have played together, but the fictional rock group were reunited on — where else? — Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. Check out the surreal video below via Late Night With Jimmy Fallon:

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hahahaha his hair.

Whatever happened to predictabilityyyy

NickRoman1 moderator

@Noelle I still prefer the Family Matters theme, just ahead of Step-by-Step.


@NickRoman1 @Noelle Rank these 80s/90s theme songs then...

Full House

Growing Pains

Family Matters

Who the Boss?

Family Ties

Golden Girls

The Cosby Show

Punky Brewster

Silver Spoon