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Jennifer Lopez Officially Returning to ‘American Idol’!

Image: EliteDCMag

Image: EliteDCMag

It’s official! Jennifer Lopez will be returning to American Idol as the show heads into its thirteenth season. I know you’re sick of these “Is she?/ Isn’t she?” articles, but this time, it seems the deal is sealed.

Rumors swirled following a leak of information from JLo’s current boyfriend, Casper Smart. Now, Us Weekly has officially confirmed that the “On the Floor” singer will be reprising her role as judge on the singing competition series’ panel. Fox has yet to make their own announcement. Jennifer Lopez joins returning judge Keith Urban.

Viewer reactions to the announcement seem to be mixed at best. Some longtime fans have missed Lopez’ presence on American Idol. The show’s producers, at one point, even allegedly conspired to replace former Idol 12 judge, Mariah Carey, with Lopez mid-season. Critics, on the other hand, have not been nearly as receptive to a JLO return.

Is the return of Jennifer Lopez enough, in any case, to save a sinking ship?

My personal opinion: Jennifer Lopez, to me, seemed to love the job but not the work. Meaning, I think the draw of stepping into the spotlight of a hit television show, glammed up beyond belief, twice a week was sorely missed. I don’t believe that Jennifer Lopez cares so much, on the other hand, about fostering young talent. (If you had to take a guess, do you think JLo bought any album by Scotty, Lauren, Haley, James, Colton, Jessica, Phillip..? I’d guess no.) I saw Mariah Carey as an example of the opposite. I think she was the kind of diva who enjoyed working with new talent but loathed the actual Idol judging job.

JLo, if Us Weekly is correct in their confirmation, please bring your A-game.

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