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Jennifer Lopez Officially Returning to ‘American Idol’ for Finale Performance

Jennifer Lopez Officially Returning to 'American Idol' for Finale Performance

For the first time since leaving behind her stint as an American Idol judge, Jennifer Lopez will return to the stage this May to perform at the show’s finale. According to E!, she will most likely be performing her anticipated new single, “Live It Up.”

The pop singer recently found herself amidst a maelstrom of controversy following a rumor that the show had been secretly negotiating to replace current judge Mariah Carey with Lopez. In truth, the singer’s camp claims J-Lo was in negotiations to return as a judge next season, not to replace Carey immediately.

The show has a habit of teasing the audience regarding the future of the judging panel by having prospective new judges make cameos the season prior to their debut. Nicki Minaj new her judges chair was on lock when she performed “Starships” last season. Remember her comment to Lopez surrounding whether or not there was room for the both of them? Something also struck me when Minja enlisted her close friend Drake’s help in surprising super-fan Candice Glover. Drake would make sense as a judge. Nigel really wants J-Lo to return.

Are you excited to see Jennifer Lopez hit the Idol stage again? Hide your Haley Reinharts!

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