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Jennifer Lopez drops F-Bomb on ‘American Idol’ – Video

Jennifer Lopez dropped the F-word while judging on American Idol Wednesday night.

After getting animated judging Jena Irene and comparing her to Caleb Johnson, Harry Connick, Jr. and Keith Urban teased her a bit — and she just let it out.

Jennifer Lopez drops F-Bomb on 'American Idol' - Video

Thankfully, at least in the New York broadcast, the censor guy was quick to mute and splice. This is a family show Jenny from the Block! The ratings may be down but 8 million people are still watching. Think about Sam Woolf’s fans.

Watch the video here:

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They muted it and cut to an audience shot immediately. But she "mouthed" it. :)

Diane Zeines
Diane Zeines

I didn't hear anything; it definitely looked like they cut it out.


LOL! I thought there was something wrong with my TV.

J-LO is the new Paula!