Jennifer Hudson – The Verdict – Family Murder Trial

We all remember the day we heard about the murder of Jennifer Hudson‘s family. A little more than three years later, the trial finally came to pass, and it looks like the verdict is in!

The jury was expected to hand in their decision on William Balfour‘s fate on Wednesday, but according to TMZ, they were split on their decision. The judge ordered them to go back into deliberation, but minutes later they reached a decision!!!

The jury has found Balfour: GUILTY

From TMZ:

Photo Credit: NBC

 William Balfour — the man accused of murdering Jennifer Hudson‘s mother, brother, and 7-year-old nephew back in 2008 — has been found GUILTY.

The verdict was handed down moments ago after two days of deliberations.

Jennifer Hudson was present in court when the verdict was read.

27-year-old Balfour stands convicted of the triple murder after allegedly flying into a blind and jealous rage over a balloon gift for Julia Hudson, Balfour’s ex and Jennifer’s sister.

Prosecutors say Balfour thought the gift was from Julia’s new boyfriend and he snapped.

He faces life in prison.

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