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Jennifer Hudson at ‘Project Runway’ NY Fashion Week Finale Plus Finale Spoilers – Video

Jennifer Hudson was looking good at the NY Fashion Week Project Runway finale.  Buzz around the event is that she looked even better than former model and current host Heidi Klum.

See the photo of Jennifer and Heidi plus video of some of the finalist’s Fashion Week collections: (Warning Spoilers)




Jennifer Hudson was looking confident and stylish in this photo from the NYFW event:

Jennifer Hudson at 'Project Runway' NY Fashion Week Finale Plus Finale Spoilers - Video

image credit: Getty

Here is some video of Sonjia, Ven, Gunnar and Elena’s NYFW collections.  In case you’re new to the show, while obviously this video will spoil their collections, be advised that Project Runway always has contestants who actually were eliminated before the finale showing collections at NYFW to avoid spoiling who the finalists actually are, so these four may or may not be your finalists.





At first blush, I’m not really over the moon with any of these, though surprisingly, in spite of the over the top “African” music and makeup, I liked Gunnar’s collection the best of the four.

I might change my mind when I get to see them in high definition on my television screen, but Sonjia’s color schemes seemed a bit disjointed to me and Ven’s looks while undoubtedly well constructed looked like a bunch of prom dresses and I’m not even sure what to think about Elena’s collection.

I’ll be really surprised if this is the actual final four.  I was expecting Sonjia and Ven to be there and possibly Gunnar, but seeing Elena there and not Chris would be a huge shock for me.


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