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Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough – Jive – Dancing with the Stars

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Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough dance the Jive on Dancing with the Stars

WOW! Jennifer is in it to win it! This was great!

Len Goodman: It was full on fabulous.
Bruno Tonioli: That was a killer jive. That was wicked.
Carrie Ann Inaba: It was amazing from start to finish.

Carrie Ann – 8
Len – 8
Bruno – 8
Rickey – 8

Watch the video here:

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Derek Hough is great!
However, Jennifer Grey was alright. I really didn't see the greatness
in her dancing. jmo


Amazing !! She and Derek are the two I look forward to watching each week. FTW!!


I don't care if she's a ringer or not, she's AMAZING to watch and I look forward to her performances every week! She's a born performer and I love how you can see the joy of dance on her face!


She is AWESOME and Derek is super HOT..
I want them to win... I agree she is 50 and is battling a lot of issues and still she makes the effort and shines!
Go Baby!


So what if she has broadway experience? She is an amazing dancer on this show. She is 50 after all...being on broadway does not guarantee that you will be the winner. So WHAT? She is gorgeous and very talented. She got my vote tonight :)

Marie Ruffin
Marie Ruffin

Not fair! Jennifer has Broadway experience!