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Jen Hirsch – Oh Darling – American Idol 11 Wild Card

Jen Hirsch sang ‘Oh Darling’ on the American Idol 11 Wild Card

Poor song choice for a song of your life. But it looks like the judges love her.

Watch the video and listen to the MP3 here:


Randy Jackson: We like when you guys sing for your life.

Jennifer Lopez: We will try to be fair.

Steven Tyler: I love somebody with a big voice.

Jen Hirsch  Oh Darling  American Idol Wild Card

Listen to the MP3:

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Watch the video here:

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do not agree with the "big voice" adjectives. Whenever she goes "big" or high & big, her voice gets kind of thin and annoying. I didn't care for her, and glad she didn't make it. 


I'd still rather see her in the top 13 instead of Deandre or Jeremy.


This paled in comparison to Juliet Simm's performance in The Voice.

Klope62 moderator

Why Jen...whhhhy?


 @hamification this is the problem when you pit two singing competitions against each other. Not only are they competing with the original artist's take on the songs, they have to make sure they're better than anyone else in the market. IA Juliet's version is so much better.