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Jason Castro with Jared Cotter on “The Sauce”

Jason Castro

Jared Cotter interviews Jason Castro on “The Sauce”

“The Sauce” in on every weekday at 6 PM on Fuse TV

In the studio, Jason’s eyes were just mesmerizing. When Jared asked Jason “what do you think attached to your fans immediately?” — I whispered to the publicists: “My eyes!” And then she added, “and the teeth…” And while we were having our Jason lovefest the soundman in front of us just rolled his eyes. LOL.

Anyway, the show also had Death Cab for Cutie and Eric Dane from Grey’s Anatomy — HOT!

Jared Cotter will be doing a lot of new stuff on Fuse TV over the summer so I’m looking out for that.

Go Jared! Go Jason Castro!

Video clip:

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