Janelle Arthur – ‘Young & Reckless’ – Original Song – Video

Janelle Arthur - American Idol - Promo Shoot

Janelle Arthur – American Idol – Promo Shoot

This is American Idol 12 star Janelle Arthur’s acclaimed original song, “Young & Reckless”!

Here’s the background on this post. This is an older YouTube video. I’m quite aware; however, I kept continuously stumbling upon Idol fans referring to Janelle Arthur’s great original song via social media. Normally, I wait until an official release to dig up new material from our Idols, but I had a feeling Janelle, an awesome Idol artist, could drum up a good tune, so I went and listened. In honor of her Grand Ole Opry Debut, you should too!

If this is the material that this girl is capable of cranking out, generally speaking, she will have a great career in country music. I think there’s something to be said for the fact that Janelle was an early front-runner this season, the season of the return to diva power vocals, yet she chose to create strong subtle moments that showcased her artistry. Some of her performances were among my personal favorites this year.

Do you like “Young & Reckless” by Janelle Arthur? Janelle is set to make her Grand Ole Opry debut tomorrow, June 19th! Congratulations and good luck, Janelle!

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