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James Durbin and Adam Lambert are Twitter BFFs

Adam Lambert James Durbin Twins.jpg

The way I decipher this exchange is James Durbin may have sent Adam Lambert a DM and then Adam just took it public (unless James has already deleted a tweet in his timeline). Update: James did tweet Adam earlier, added the tweets.

Color me disappointed. I wanted this feud to go on. It’s more interesting that way. Competition is good! Now it’s just pat-your-back boring. But hey, the twins can’t keep on fighting each other.


@adamlambert Hey dude! Id really enjoy grabbing some lunch with you and just talking about all this Idol/Post Idol stuff! I could really use

@adamlambert Some one on one advice. Regardless of any supposed bad blood, Im calling truce 🙂 Anyway.thats me. Glad your tour is goin great

@adamlambert direct message me if this is something that you might be interested in doing. Thanks for the consideration! :)-James

Have I shocked any DURBINATORS with that one? lol Adam was totally cool when we met! Just so yall know!


@JDurbinAI10 haha why don’t we just go ahead and discuss it right now over twitter? I’d be honored to advise… 🙂 #nobadblood


@adamlambert well as much as they’d love it..just as u don’t wanna spoil ur album, I don’t wanna spoil anything lol

@adamlambert you understand right?

@adamlambert it’s business.. 🙂


@JDurbinAI10 oh I definitely understand.


@adamlambert just think about it. If youre free, hit me up. Im just not the “twitter business meeting” type. thanks anyway, brother. :-/

@adamlambert I’ll be in the LA area all month..you know the deal 🙂


@JDurbinAI10 ok 😉


@adamlambert thanks dude

Durbinators! You know my intentions are good! I just wanna sit down w/ a fellow musician & talk about the business But twitters the only way

To ask that musician..

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