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Jaclyn Victor – I Will Always Love You – Mania Astro – Video

Jaclyn Victor is one of my favorite Idols of all time! She sings with such grace and power, and what always amazes me is how effortless it is.

Jac is currently participating in a Malaysian competition called Mania Astro which pits artista and celebrities against each other in a bit of a formula like “The Voice.” Here she is singing “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston.

Watch the video here:

Jac is currently in the finals! If you are in Malaysia you can vote for her by sending a text to 32888 Mania20 Jaclyn. (20 can also be replaced be 3, 5, or 10).

If you liked what you’ve heard and wish to see a little bit more, check out my International Spotlight on her here.

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I still remember her audition vid for Malaysian Idol. I'm glad that she's still visible. What a talent!


I Love Jaclyn Victor. She's awesome. I remember her being crowned Malaysian Idol about the same year as Fantasia. Gosh.. it's like 8 years ago. She's still awesome and more beautiful since the last time I saw her in Asian Idol. Good luck, Jaclyn!!


Thanks Gabriel for mentioning her in this blog! I really hope she can make it big internationally and am sooo proud of her!! Oh btw, sorry that I have to correct you, it's Malaysia not Malayasia. Hehe. Thanks again!