Jack Nicholson Retirement Is A Hoax

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Well, this is awkward…

Reports that three-time Academy Award winner Jack Nicholson was heading into retirement due to memory loss and possible dementia have been proven 100 percent false. The rumors circulated following a report from, which broke the exclusive story that the actor was retiring due to diminished capacities. The news quickly spread across the internet, prompting a representative for the 76-year-old Hollywood legend to come forward to refute the story.

NBC’s Maria Shriver has confirmed to E! News that Nicholson is not retiring from acting, nor is he suffering from any memory-related illness or dementia. Moreover, a source close to the star says that Nicholson is actively reading scripts in search of his next project. Apparently, the rumor is the result of an internet hoax, though this hoax was ultimately exposed a lot quicker than some online hoaxes of the past.

So on the one hand, I fell for the hoax. On the other, Jack Nicholson isn’t retiring! Silver linings, people.

Regardless, I’d like to personally apologize for my earlier story. Ya’ll deserve better, and I’ll do my best to be better. Or at least less gullible.

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