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J Rome – Tonight – Duets – Video MP3

J Rome sang “Tonight” on Duets with Jennifer Nettles.

I love this show! This was amazing!

Watch the video and listen to the MP3 here:


Kelly Clarkson: I was standing up in the end. Soulful music rings in any genre of music.

Robin Thicke: You are very handsome, you have a great voice, I don’t like you already.

John Legend: This guys is really phenomenal.

J Rome  Tonight  Duets  Video MP3

Watch the video:

Listen to the MP3:

Download MP3 here (Right-Click Save Target As…)

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this was very good,,,i think jennifer is the best one to sing with,,,maybe all her singing with sugarland helps with the duet parts.

Rickey moderator

 @Samson58 Yes, she knows how to let her partner shine.