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Is Paul Jolley Gay?

One of the questions that we always get on the blog since American Idol 12 aired his audition is: “Is Paul Jolley gay?”

Fans at Vote for the Worst have been uncovered some evidence that the handsome hunk is indeed gay and is dating another cutie named Eric Brock Hartline. (Here’s Brock’s Pinterest).

The sad thing is if Paul Jolley is indeed gay, he won’t come out or even discuss it while he’s on American Idol. Two of the most popular contestants on the show: Clay Aiken and Adam Lambert avoided the topic of their sexuality, with Adam even stating later that it didn’t matter. (Ironically, it did matter, since he “came out” on the cover of Rolling Stone a few months to much fanfare after his season ended).

The good news though is that not coming out seems to create a fan following among women that could possibly take Paul into the finals. I mean seriously, Paul looks like Evan Lysacek. Gay rumors have plagued Evan for years and yet this has only made his female fanbase stronger than ever. I see the same thing happening to Paul (as it did with Clay and Adam).

Is Paul Jolley Gay?

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