Is Manti Te’o Gay? – Video

Is Manti Te’o gay? The rumor is: Te’o created the whole fake girlfriend thing to hide his homosexuality. That idea was strengthened today when the alleged mastermind of the hoax, Ronaiah Tuisosopo, admitted that he was the one talking to Te’o for hours on the phone… in a falsetto voice!

Katie Couric interviewed Manti about the gay thing and here is what he had to say. Oh by the way, I LOVE HIS SWEATER!!!

Is Manti Te'o Gay - Video

Voice Mail (Ronaiah Tuisosopo as Lennay)

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I think he is a gay Mormon going to a Catholic school who, in order to deflect constant questions about why he didn't date anyone on campus, created a fake online girlfriend complete with tragic backstory in order to be believable. Totally directed the whole operation. Girlfriend needs to stop!


I just heard the voice mails of Ronaiah as Kekua on Anderson 360. His falsetto voice is so good, giving me girl realness.

This my friends is the highest form of love, pretending to be a girl for 3 years for someone who will never love you back as much as you love them.

So Sad! I hope Teo turns out to be gay and realize he loves Ronaiah in the end and everyone will live happily ever after!


yes he is. He was in on the whole thing