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Is Joshua Ledet Gay?

Is Joshua Ledet gay? That’s an interesting question. I wouldn’t have thought about it hadn’t Joshua shoved Phillip Phillips during their duet last night on American Idol. (That was my favorite part of the show, btw).

Jarett Wieselman from The Insider wonders if Joshua just didn’t want to be perceived as gay by allowing another man put his arms around him. The gay issue of course has plagued Idol for years with their avoidance of LGBT matters with their contestants.

It was kinda a weird reflex from Josh. Maybe he just doesn’t like being touched? He did allow Phillip to put his arm on his shoulder during the judges’ critique.

I really don’t know if Joshua is gay. My gaydar has been broken for years, but I’m willing to bet that Joshua isn’t.

Is Joshua Ledet Gay?

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Is Joshua Ledet Gay

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