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Iran Produces First Nuclear Fuel Rod, Dead Birds Found in Arkansas Again

Happy New Year, Bitches!!!!! (Perez Hamilton)

Happy RU Year! (PopBytes)

Is this the closest Anderson Cooper has been to a woman in her underwear? (Seriously OMG)

Pop Stars Tweet New Year’s Resolutions & Celebrations (Idolator)

Person of Interest in Los Angeles Arson Attacks Sought by Police (THR) – Stay safe LA!

Columbia University Offering Course In Occupy Wall Street, With Field Work (Gothamist)

Iran Produces First Nuclear Fuel Rod (Daily Beast) – Oh no!

Gingrich: I’ve Been ‘Romney-Boated’ (Daily Beast)

About 200 birds found dead in Arkansas city for second straight New Year’s Eve (CNN) – OMG!

Inappropriate Tablet On QVC (BuzzFeed)

Madonna’s and Demi Lovato’s lines are selling more than Kardashian’s & Selena’s (ONTD)

Raiders of the Lost Ark shot-for-shot tracing of the adventure movies it borrowed from (boing boing) – Interesting!

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