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Indomass — American Idol Audition Updates

Here are the text messages from Indomass from this morning at the American Idol auditions in New Jersey:

6:52 AM: Ok. there’s like 10000 people here.

8:08 AM: I walked across the seat after going to the bathroom… and crossed paths with Ryan Seacrest! He’s short!

8:12 AM: I’m standing next to Constantine Maroulis! Ugh… what a douchebag.

9:47 AM: Jordin is here!

11:30 AM: Many people audition with R&B and getting cut. Lots of fake auditions getting through.

(Note: I will try to update this during the day. I’m so excited for Indo, I hope he makes it to the TV round. Comfort Fedoke, Comfort Fedoke, Comfort Fedoke!)

1:04 PM: They are in section 107. We are in 123 and they are going in numeric order. Got a long way to go…

1:09 PM: Forgot to mention, there was a marriage proposal put on film right in the middle of the arena.

1:37 PM: Seacrest returns! He’s doing an interview ino our section. His face is sooo plastic.

Final update: Indomass was given 45 seconds to sing (“Drive”), but he did not make it to the next round. His companion however made it to the second round.

Good job Indomass! You made us proud with your effort!

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