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‘Idology’: Is Jimmy hurting Season 12’s ladies? Plus, Lazaro’s ‘courage’ and lousy themes

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Credit: TVLine’s resident American Idol expert Michael Slezak is back with Season 6 finalist Melinda Doolittle for an all-new episode of Idology.

This week, the duo discusses Jimmy Iovine’s transparent attempts at comedy, and how he might be hurting the chances of Season 12’s females. In addition, Michael and Melinda talk about Idol’s lousy theme weeks, and how dreary song choices could spell the end for several finalists. Also, is it time to stop playing the “courage” card with Lazaro? Watch the video below:

Thoughts and miscellaneous:

-Honestly, I didn’t think Lazaro was all that bad. For me, it was his best vocal since they put him in front of a live audience, although really, I don’t know that that’s saying all that much. Realistically, it is time to recontextualize Lazaro’s presence within the competition, judging him by his vocals instead of his story.

-Even though it was barely there this week, Melinda’s defensive love of Paul Jolley continues to baffle me, and I’m not entirely sure I’ll ever understand it.

-“Burnell needs to stop sculpting the head in the ‘Hello’ video while he’s singing.”

-“If you can’t find a good song during Lennon/McCartney week…”
“Then you deserve to go home.”

What do you think? Are Michael and Melinda right about Jimmy, and about the theme weeks? Sound off in the comments!

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