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‘Idology’: Is it too soon to panic about this top 20?



Via:’s Michael Slezak and American Idol Season 6 finalist Melinda Doolittle are back to to discuss the top 20 of American Idol Season 12 on an all-new Idology. In this episode, they discuss some of the unfortunate choices the judges made in assembling their top 20, while offering contentious opinions about which favorites should not have gotten through. Check out the video below:

Honestly, I find myself agreeing about Lazaro. For me, at least, Josh Holiday and David Oliver Willis were leagues better. And realistically, it’s not doing Lazaro any kind of a favor to put him through on the strength of his story when, vocally, I’m not entirely sure he’s ready (if his vocal in Vegas is any indication). But who knows? Maybe he’ll shut me up during the live shows. Some people come out of their shells when they’re on live TV (hey there, Haley Reinhart).

Also, still totally heartbroken about Juliana Chahayed. But I suppose not nearly as heartbroken as I was about Jesiah Baer, who didn’t make it anywhere near as far. But they can’t all be winners, I suppose.

What do you think? Did Lazaro deserve to go through? Is Season 12 “going down in flames”? Sound off in the comments!

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