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‘Idology’: Female frontrunners, Charlie Askew and Elijah Liu, more’s Michael Slezak and American Idol Season 6 finalist Melinda Doolittle return for an all-new Idology discussing Season 12’s semifinal round in Las Vegas.

Our intrepid hosts discuss a wide range of topics, including the female frontrunners of the season so far, whether Isabelle Pasqualone’s elimination was really a cause for frustration, and the puzzling survival of Charlie Askew and Elijah Liu into the live voting rounds.



I can’t really say I disagree with anything here, although I’d argue Isabelle deserved a spot over Tenna Torres. But really, I do wonder if they aren’t stacking the deck in favor of girls to such a degree that it will backfire. It’s not exactly a new observation, coming from me, but I do feel like the show is seriously spamming the “Best Girls EVER!” slogan pretty hard. Unless this week’s upcoming crop sets the world on fire, we could end up having a guy take over frontrunner status by default. That said, while I agreed on most parts, I do have a soft spot for Charlie, and didn’t think Elijah’s advancement was particularly egregious (I think Paul Jolley getting through bugged me more, since he’s just so…nondescript, I guess would be the word).

What do you guys think? Did Charlie and Elijah deserve to go through? Should Isabelle have gotten a spot? Sound off in the comments!

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