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I Love New York 2 — Results Winner — Spoiler

I Love New York 2

I Love New York Winner

I Love New York Winner

SPOILERS (do not read if you do not want to know the results)

Again, either VH1 is lazy with their security in their editing room or they’re leaking these. These are video clips of the actual episode, plus the specials on Monday night.

Will it be Buddha? Will it be Tailor Made? Let’s find out…

And the dude who will get to love New York is:

Tailor Made!

Woohoo! He pulled it off! Hahaha. Well done. He got bitch-slapped by Buddha, and in the end Tailor Made beats Buddha for New York’s “heart”.

Would love to see an I Love New York 3 — but New York needs to keep it fresh. It’s obviously not going to work out between her and Tailor Made but it made for some interesting TV.

I love New York!

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Reality TV I Love New York 2

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