Hunter Hayes To Debut New Song ‘Invisible’ At The Grammys

Hunter Hayes To Debut New Song 'Invisible' At The Grammys

Update: Watch Hunter Hayes perform “Invisble” at the GRAMMYs. Very emotional!

Hunter Hayes has revealed that he intends to debut a brand new song, entitled ‘Invisible’, when he performs at the Grammys on Sunday.

Hunter told Entertainment Tonight that it was probably going to be the most emotional performance of his life, being aware of so many huge stars sitting in front of him. “The trend-setters, the teachers, the musical sort of professors, the pioneers,” he told host Nancy O’Dell. “I’m wondering how did I get a seat in this row next to this person? I’m like, this is insane.” No wonder he’s giddy.

When I did a little bit of Googling I found this post from  a fan’s write-up of what seems to be a VIP fan experience of a show: “I asked him what his favorite line was the HE has ever written in a song. At first he was like “that’s a really hard question.” He thought about it for a second and then started talking about a song that he had just written a couple of weeks ago called “Invisible.” He described it as really relatable to him because he was the geek in high school (which he is totally ok with now) and (I don’t know if these are lyrics from the song) that “It’s amazing how you look back and all those days are invisible.” To answer my question, he said that he couldn’t pick just one line because that song is so relatable to him but his favorite would definitely come from that song.” Interesting!

Hunter is nominated for Best Country Solo Performance with ‘I Want Crazy’, which was a huge hit from the Deluxe (Encore) version of his self-titled debut album. It is presumed that ‘Invisible’ will either be the lead single or a promotional track from his upcoming sophomore album.

You can tune into The Grammys  live on Sunday, January 26, at 8pm ET on CBS.

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