This is How ‘Frozen’ Should Have Ended – VIDEO

The hilarious team behind the How It Should Have Ended videos has finally tackled Frozen and parents of magical children everywhere should take note.

Remember how in the beginning of the film Elsa’s parents totally miss the point of how to protect their child and end up leaving her afraid, emotionally damaged and socially inept?

Well How It Should Have Ended has rectified all that nonsense.

Sure that means the rest of the film doesn’t happen, but it does mean that Elsa gets to be one of the X-Men. And honestly, the X-Men could always use more singing and dancing.

We sense some Elsa/Iceman fanfiction in the future.

Dear internet, you can call it The Cold Never Bothered Them Anyway. It can be about how they thawed each other’s icy hearts.

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