House of Lies – Season 2 Episode 5 – Recap – Sincerity is an Easy Disguise in this Business

Here’s the recap for Season 2 Episode 5 of House of Lies: “Sincerity is and Easy Disguise in this Business” on Showtime!


Occupy Wall Street has now hit the Caan family in true form. Marty’s (Don Cheadle) militant brother Malcom (Lorenz Tate) is all about standing up for what he believes in… just not paying for the big dollar check at dinner. Malcom is back in town looking for someone to cover his nut, or so Marty thinks. Marty turns on his cunning mouth to drag out the truth, only to find out that Malcom was asked to visit from their father because his sickness is progressing quickly.

Julianne (Bess Armstrong) has called Marty on to a new account because of a special request. US National Bank (USNB) has personally called on Marty and his team to consult. Marty takes Clyde (Ben Schwartz) for the first meeting with USNB in Chicago, leaving that other half of his team, Jeanie (Kristen Bell) and Doug (Josh Lawson), to fend for themselves with another client, an online dating site.


Marty and Clyde meet the nutty CEO of USNB, Mr. Carl Criswell (Michael McDonald) and his lovely assistant Brynn (Lisa Eldelstein). Immediately they are tasked with reviewing all the company’s current financials without the help of the internal company, leading Marty and Clyde to question an ulterior motive to run for office. Brynn confirms that she is Carl’s political consultant and his plan to run for governor during the next election. Brynn has a lot to work on this train wreck before he is governor material. Without evening having to try, Marty gets caught with his pants down. Literally, as Brynn  has her hands down Marty’s pants she blurts out a revelation that sets Marty on a mission, to destroy Julianne. Julianne actually tried to talk USNB out of hiring Marty and his team for the job, then tried to inject a new hire as Marty’s right hand. Without even the slightest stumble Marty sets his fate with USNB for the long haul.

House-of-Lies-Season-2-Episode-5-Sincerity-Is-an-Easy-Disguise-in-This-Business-3 House-of-Lies-Season-2-Episode-5-Sincerity-Is-an-Easy-Disguise-in-This-Business-5

Jeannie still struggles for acceptance from Marty, especially since she was left behind on the company’s most promising account with USNB. An account that Julianne willing accepts could be a huge gain for Galweather. Doug pries at Jeannie insecure self by pointing out her controlling nature and reluctance to let down her guard. While Doug is exploring the three week online dating site by successfully landing a sexy brunette, Jeannie is royally screwing up a perfectly nice date with her online match.

House-of-Lies-Season-2-Episode-5-Sincerity-Is-an-Easy-Disguise-in-This-Business House-of-Lies-Season-2-Episode-5-Sincerity-Is-an-Easy-Disguise-in-This-Business-7


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