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It’s about time that Marty (Don Cheadle) and his team are met with a true challenge. Matt Damon (as himself) calls on the Galweather team to refresh his image by creating a new charity that fits his brand. Just before Matt sits down with the team, Julianne (Bess Armstrong) makes it very clear this account is “Major Wall Street Journal porn” and is critical to keeping Galweather relevant.

Episode 204Episode 204

Doug (Josh Lawson) steps up to present a worthy social cause for Matt to support, but all Matt wants to do is fuck around with Marty down the table. From the first slide he realizes Doug’s option is not legitimate and whispers into Marty’s ear, “I need something like Clooney’s but with bigger tits.” Marty then finds himself being required to party with Matt later that night. Because of the obvious pressure to land this account, Marty has to pass up plans with his son Roscoe to spend time with Matt. In turn, he uses his quick thinking to turn the responsibility over to Jeannie (Kristen Bell) without ever letting Roscoe know he is being ditched.

Episode 204Episode 204

Later that night at the club Marty comes to find that Matt is truly messed up in the head after literally being clocked in the head with Matt’s own fist. This situation is challenging for Marty because its not often that he is the one a step behind. Therefore, in an attempt to keep himself relevant, Marty calls out Matt for what he is… a self-centered, arrogant prick.

Unwillingly but enticed by $2,000, Jeannie hangs with Roscoe while Marty is out with Matt. Almost instantly Roscoe has a connection with Jeannie. Shortly after at the batting cages, where Roscoe wanted to spend some time with his friend, did Jeannie realize that he is nothing like his father. Roscoe and Jeannie bond over some awkward situations and shared love for shoes. At the end of the day the closer Jeannie gets to Roscoe, the greater chance her love for Marty will come out.

It may have been wise for Marty to call Monica (Dawn Olivieri), Roscoe’s mother, but that would invite criticism and judgement. Besides, little does Marty or Roscoe know, but Monica was grabbing her lesbian side by the horns and getting down with Tessa (Ronete Levenson).

Episode 204

The next morning at the office the team patiently awaits Matt’s arrival to discuss next steps and come to find out the Marty may have ruined any chance, because he ran his mouth. After only a few moments of panic, Matt arrives to the meeting and immediately Marty notices Matt is high on something. Matt admits to taking a few too many Vicodin. Marty, feeling back in control, manages to get Matt to commit to working with Galweather on this project.

Episode 204

As always, Marty was able to balance the craziness at the office and his home life to come out on top. Matt was extremely happy with the strong and hands on edge that Marty was able to bring to his brand by creating is Matt’s way of providing relief to children who are caught in the crossfire of wars.




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