House of Lies – Season 2 Episode 2 – Recap – When Dinosaurs Ruled the Planet

Here’s the recap for Season 2 Episode 2 of House of Lies: “When Dinosaurs Ruled The Planet” on Showtime!

It’s known that this team knows how to have a good time and what better place than Vegas. Tamara (Nia Long) joins the shows in opposition of Marty’s (Don Cheadle)current status quo and immediately makes it known she is there to make a name for herself. This episode introduces us to the antics that are going to unravel throughout the season, i.e. at the club Jeanie (Kristen Bell) finds herself making out with the DJ and sitting on a turntable.

Marty and his team, without Jeanie, head to Las Vegas to check in on Mr. Pincus’  struggling casino. Jeanie is back in the office with Julianne (Bess Armstrong) making it very clear that she is not scared of losing her job because of her previous whistle blowing episode. Julianne exerts her dominance by setting the stage that Jeanie will be used as an example to all whistle blowers, if or when the time is right.


Marty, Clyde and Doug in Las Vegas.

Marty, Clyde and Doug in Las Vegas.

Out in Vegas, the boys are joined by Tamara, an old college rival of Marty’s and a new addition to Galweather team. Tamara is a thorn in Marty’s side so he makes it very clear for her to stay out of his way. Jeanie drops in on the team just in time to find out about a long standing casino ban on Doug (Josh Lawson). The team collaborates on a new strategy to revitalize the casino. Tamara offers upa modern social media strategy for the casino but is shut down by Jeanie and Marty. Marty decides that he knows Mr. Pincus better and poses a renovation as a safer approach. The team attempts to sell the strategy to Mr. Pincus, while Tamara checks Marty’s leadership and costs the team an easy victory.

Tamara at dinner with Pincus.

Tamara at dinner with Pincus.

Clyde (Ben Schwartz) hits up the club to praise the sexy ladies. He introduces Marty to some old friends and club owners, the Dushkin twins (Evan Hart, Taylor Hart). In Marty’s eyes these “douchebag brothers” have a great network that could be lucrative if he injects his team in the mix. Marty sweet talks the brothers to introduce him and the team to Carlson, a modern hip casino and club owner.

This season will be a test to see if Marty and his team will remain on top of the Galweather Stern firm. Marty and Tamara’s relationship is sure to be interesting and unveil some dirt on Marty’s past.



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