Homeland – Season 2 Episode 9 – Recap – Two Hats

Here’s the recap for Season 2 Episode 9 of Homeland: “Two Hats” on SHOWTIME.


This week’s episode begins with Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) and her team of CIA members discussing how Nicholas Brody (Damian Lewis) has been missing for 12 hours and the possibility that he may be dead. Brody has been taken by Abu Nazir’s men. We see Brody visibly nervous, breathing heavily as he is left in the middle of nowhere to find his way home. Brody makes it to a phone to tell Carrie to protect his family. He calls back later, once Mike is sent to get Brody’s family and take them to a safe place to make sure they are fine.


Brody and Carrie reunite where they first met (outside of the church) to exchange information. Carrie is happy to see Brody and he explains that Nazir is in the U.S. Carrie brings him to talk with Saul and Quinn, and he replays the events that took place when he was in Nazir’s possession. He tells them how Nazir plans to attack a homecoming ceremony for 300+ soldiers from Afghanistan that he and the vice president are scheduled to appear at the following day. The plan will only work if Brody can convince Walden to allow Roya into the event to cover the story.


Saul, David, Carrie and Quinn discuss their options with the Nazir situation. Carrie suggests letting it play out, so they can stop Nazir once and for all. They agree and Brody is sent back to meet with Vice President Walden to be briefed on the sequence of events that have taken place thus far.


David interrupts the meeting between Brody and Walden to update them on the current situation. He explains that they should carry out the event as planned so they can stop the attack from happening. Brody plays dumb and acts surprised when he hears that Roya is a terrorist. David then shares that the CIA believes Abu Nazir is in the U.S. Walden is on board with the plan, and Brody calls Roya to let her know everything is good to go. He tells her that Walden is going to announce his new running mate, Brody, at the homecoming event. She tells Brody he should be sure to stay close to her during the event. That leads us to believe there will be a bomb explosion and he will be out of harm’s way if he stays near Roya.


Virgil and Mike go and check into Quinn’s background. When they break into his apartment, they find minimal possessions, a sleeping bag and pillow, and a rifle cleaning kit. Virgil shares this information with Saul, who tells them to look into him further (including the picture of his wife/ girlfriend who lives in NY). Saul drives to meet with the woman we believe to be Quinn’s baby mama. He pretends to be with the IRS, looking to find out about his whereabouts. She seems disturbed by the questions and then questions Saul’s identity and how the IRS could have retrieved the photo he had. After questioning, the woman calls Quinn to warn him. Quinn tells her she did well and thanks her. He then gets up and heads out for “a break”. When he is followed by Virgil and Matt, they find that he meets with a man on the city bus. This man seems important to the plot; however, we do not know who he is quite yet. All we know is he used to be involved in operations with the CIA but no longer is (for reasons we are unsure of).


Brody’s family waits in the “safe house” that the government has put them in during this difficult time. Dana tells Mike that sometimes she wishes her father never came back from being held captive. At night, Jessica sneaks into Mike’s room and they have sex. The next morning, the family is granted the right to call Brody on a satellite phone. They wish him luck and ask him what is going on. He is unable to really explain, but asks to speak with Dana. She denies the offer because she is still upset with her father.


The Brody Family call Dad to check in

The end of the episode is jam packed with surprises and action. Carrie’s team follows Roya and her news team to a diner. When the blue truck pulls up that Brody described, they are confident they found their target. The terrorists exchange the camera batteries in Roya’s truck for bombs and as they do, the CIA takes them out. As this is happening, Quinn pulls up to Brody’s house to take him to the event. Quinn is chosen by David as a FBI liaison on the day of the event. Saul is confused why he would choose an ANALYST, and David says that he’s wearing two hats today. Saul then questions David on who is running the show, Quinn pulls out his gun, and as he turns to shoot Brody, David cuts in and tells Quinn to stand down. At this point, we are confused as to what is going on and who is on the “good team”.  I cannot wait until next week. ONLY 3 EPISODES LEFT!


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