Homeland – Season 2 Episode 8 – Recap – I’ll Fly Away

Here’s the recap for Season 2 Episode 8 of Homeland: “I’ll Fly Away” on SHOWTIME.


This week’s episode opens with Dana getting off a bus and knocking on the door of Mike’s apartment. She seeks refuge there after her father tells her she cannot confess to the authorities about the hit and run that happened a few days earlier in Finn Walden’s car. Dana asks Mike if she can stay at his place for the night. The next day, she tells Mike she realizes her mom trusts her. She then talks to him about how he used to be very involved in her family and since her dad came home, it must have been hard when he stopped coming around. She then asks him to give her a ride to Columbia Heights so she can meet with someone.

Dana walking to see her victim's family

When she gets to the house, the daughter of the girl who was hit in the accident answers the door. As soon as their eyes meet, she knows Dana was involved in her mothers death. She tells Dana to never tell anyone what happened because she has two younger sisters to take care of and she needs the money from her mother’s passing. She says the best thing to do is to leave and never come back.


Back at home, Nicholas Brody (Damian Lewis) and his wife, Jessica, are arguing about the way he handled the situation with his daughter. His life is crumbling all around him, and we see his vulnerability when Carrie (Claire Danes) comes in to check on him. He is curled in a ball sitting in the corner and says he cannot continue to live this way.


Carrie reminds him that it is almost over and he has a meeting scheduled with Roya in the park. When he gets here, Roya can sense something is wrong with him. He freaks out on her and storms off saying that he is not going to do this anymore.


At this point, Quinn doesn’t feel sure enough that Brody will be able to continue with the mission and asks for Carrie to bring him in. Good old Carrie tells her partner to lose the tracking on Brody’s phone, takes Brody’s keys, and drives him away. When word of this gets to David Estes, he loses it. Saul backs his friend, Carrie, as he trusts her choices.


Carrie takes Brody to a motel to organize his thoughts. He realizes now that he is more alone now than when he was held captive by Nazir. Carrie tries to open up to Brody and make him feel better. “When you said you were all alone…you’re not.”- Carrie


As they begin kissing and then having sex, the CIA listen in on the WHOLE THING! Even at THIS point, Saul tells the CIA to back down and trusts in Carrie decisions. He tells them she just needs more time to figure this whole thing out. Once Brody has had the time to reflect and think about what has been going on, he calls Roya to apologize for his behavior and asks her to let him back on board.


Carrie returns to the CIA team and she explains to Saul she “did what she had to do” by sleeping with Brody. When Saul questions her, she

Roya and Brody driving to meet Nazir

Roya and Brody meet again, but this time, Roya tells Brody he needs to drive to a clearing in the middle of nowhere to prove himself. Once there, he is met by the head terrorist that shot and killed the CIA agents in Gettysburg. As Virgil and Carrie get closer, a helicopter comes and takes Brody away. Carrie is visibly upset at the fact that Brody is gone and they have no way to track him. She seems to be fearing for his safety and well-being. Once we see Brody again, he is in some warehouse being held back by two unknown men. A car pulls up and out walks ABU NAZIR!


Another cliffhanger ending goes down in the books. I can’t wait to see how all of this unfolds!

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