Homeland – Season 2 Episode 7 – Recap – The Clearing

Here’s the recap for Season 2 Episode 7 of Homeland: “The Clearing” on SHOWTIME.

This week’s episode begins with Brody (Damian Lewis) on a run in the park. Roya is waiting to update him on the plan for the upcoming attack. She asks him if he will be at a fundraiser with Vice President Walden and he says yes.

“Keep him happy. Keep him VERY happy.”- Roya


Saul goes to see Eileen, the captured terrorist working for Abu Nazir that has confessed her allegiance to him. He needs more information on the guy who Roya met with last episode. She refuses to be of assistance until she can have her cell block updated to a room with a view. Saul tries to pull some strings, but the warden is a hard ass. When Saul returns to the jail and informs Eileen that they are going to approach the higher ups about the change, she freaks out and says she wants to help, but cannot. Once Saul gets approval to change her room, Eileen gives up the name and address of the man in question. As a result, Saul lets her spend the rest of her day in the visiting room (that has a window). By the time Quinn gets to the address she gave and they search the place, turning up NOTHING because she gave the wrong info, Saul finds Eileen dying on the floor in a pool of her own blood.


Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) visits Peter Quinn in the hospital. Galvez was seriously injured and is probably not going to make it through. Quinn decides he wants out of the hospital and proceeds to discharge himself. Carrie then goes and meets with Mike Faber to repeat the orders already given to him to stand down and back off of Brody.


Jessica and Brody are in a car together talking, when Jessica admits to her husband that Mike told her he thinks Brody killed Tom Walker. For the first time, Brody “seems” to be honest with Jessica about his part in Tom’s death. In true Brody fashion, he leaves out most of the important details about how he is a terrorist working for Abu Nazir.


Dana is driving in the car with Finn Walden and tells him that she desperately wants to tell her parents about the woman they hit with the car. Finn agrees and they decide they will share their secret. They confess to their mothers, and Mrs. Walden assures Jessica that she will take care of it. The Waldens are concerned that Jessica is going to talk. Jessica seems to be having an inner moral conflict. She does not want the issue to be glossed over just because they are in politics. VP Walden confronts Brody and tells him to keep quiet.


Dana and Finn confessing


Brody is feeling stressed out over the fact that he is acting as a double agent and feels that he is in the dark about what is going on around him. Carrie calls Brody and tells him to meet her in the woods near the house he is at. She tells him Mike will lay off of him now. Old feelings resurface as they begin making out. Brody asks if this is real of just another scam, and Carrie says she is not sure if it is real. Brody snaps back into reality and leaves Carrie in the woods to go back to the event.

Carrie and Brody talking in the woods



When he gets back to the house, Brody talks to Dana about what happened. He decided to take Dana to the police station to confess. As they pull up, Carrie is there waiting to confront Brody. She explains if he tells, the deal is off and he is screwed. Brody realizes he has no other option but to wait a while and he decides to wait. When he tells his daughter they have to wait a while before they can deal with this, Dana calls him a bullshitter and runs off. Brody goes after her, but not before he tells Carrie that none of what is happening right now is OK!


Next week, we see Brody start to unravel as everything around him begins to fall apart. His family. His cover. His future. How will he deal with the added stress? We will just have to wait and see.


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