Homeland – Season 2 Episode 6 – Recap – A Gettysburg Address

Here’s the recap for Season 2 Episode 6 of Homeland: “A Gettysburg Address ” on SHOWTIME.


This week’s episode began with Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) and her team, watching video cameras stationed all around D.C. in a surveillance room. The news reporter/ Abu Nazir terrorist accomplice, Roya, is walking down Pennsylvania Ave., being followed by a surveilliance team. Roya is meeting with an unknown man, but we are unable to hear their interaction because they meet in a place where a very loud fountain is. As the two part ways, Virgil is sent to follow the unknown man. He follows him into the subway, however, loses him somewhere in the tunnels.


The unknown man resurfaces at another station on camera, but nobody knows who he is and how Roya knows him. Carrie suggests bringing Brody (Damian Lewis) in to investigate further using his relationship with Roya to their advantage.


They call Brody in to the CIA team room and ask him to identify the man Roya met with in the park. When questioned, Brody seems uncomfortable, hesitant and tense. He has a valid reason to be. He admits to the team that Bassel, the Gettysburg tailor, is not alive because he “accidentally” died when being transported to the safehouse. Clearly, we know Brody is not being truthful, as he killed Bassel himself.


Jessica questions Brody about the CIA plan he is working on.

“What do you want to know. Ask me anything, I will tell you if I possibly can.”- Brody

She asks if he is working with that crazy, lunatic (Mathison) and Brody lies to her saying, “No. She was fired from the CIA.” Dana wakes up, not feeling great about witnessing a stranger getting hit by the car she was in (Vice President Walden’s son’s car). When she gets to school, her boyfriend and driver of the hit and run vehicle, Finn Walden, tries to convince Dana that what happened was not a big deal.


Jessica feeling to see if Dana is sick before school.

After school, Dana goes to the hospital to see if she can find the woman they left for dead on the side of the road. She does and the woman has taken a turn for the worst. She most likely will not make it through the night. Dana is visibly disturbed and storms out of the hospital. She goes to school the next day, to explain to Finn that she went to visit the injured woman. This infuriates Finn and he demands her to stop talking about the accident. As the VP’s son, he can’t afford to get in trouble.


Jessica is not the only one who is questioning things abut Brody. Lauder and Mike (Brody’s old friends from the war), take a trip down to the tunnel where Brody shot Tom Walker. Lauder realizes that the only way people would come into the tunnel at night, would be if they knew the person and trusted them. Mike goes and meets with Saul to get more information on the death of Tom Walker. When he gets to the office, David Estes is waiting to speak with him. They tell Mike to stop pursuing his theory that someone trained (Brody) killed Walker. It is a matter of national security. Clearly, these words mean nothing to Mike. He goes through Brody’s things and finds the gun used to kill Tom Walker. He goes to tell Jessica, and she tells Mike to not worry about her and that her husband is working for the CIA.


The CIA sends a team to survey the tailor shop for any evidence that may lead them to Nazir. Carrie meets with Brody to get him to meet with Roya to find out the identification of this new mystery man she met with. Brody tells Roya that Carrie has a lead on a new Hezbollah informant who just landed in the U.S. Roya seems disturbed by this news and storms away to figure things out.

Peter Quinn trying to survey the tailor shop


As the CIA team is sweeping the tailor shop, a team of men covered in black from head to toe, storm in and shoot all of the CIA members in the room. They drill through the wall and carry out a huge black safe hidden inside. They grab the safe and go. Carrie barges in to Brody’s office convinced that he knew something about the hit on the tailor’s shop. Peter survived the shooting, but seven other CIA members were not so lucky. We see Carrie in her loony, emotional state, and Brody comforts her.


Hopefully, we will find some answers next week as to what was in the black safe they took from the tailor’s.


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