Homeland – Season 2 Episode 12 – Recap – The Choice- FINALE

Here’s the recap for Season 2 Episode 12 of Homeland: “The Choice” on SHOWTIME!


The season finale begins with Nicholas Brody (Damian Lewis) and Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) up at the cabin in the woods. Quinn is hiding out nearby, watching their every move. David Estes checks in to see if Quinn is still watching them. They head out for a walk, chatting about growing up and family. They share some personal stories and a close embrace. Carrie tells Brody that although she loves the CIA, she LOVES spending time with him too. She then says that he does scare her. Carrie is unsure of her feelings and what she wants. She wishes she could have BOTH the job and Brody.


When Quinn finds the opportunity, he takes aim for the shot at Brody, but doesn’t take it.


Saul is still being held by Estes, as he begs for the guard to call Carrie and tell her of the assassination plot against Brody. Estes returns home and when he turns his light on, Quinn is waiting in his room. He tells Estes he will NOT kill Brody because he is not a threat anymore. He says he only kills bad guys and if Estes hurts Brody, he will kill Estes. Carrie is an amazing agent and killing Brody would also kill her. After thinking about it, Estes tells Saul he is free to go and he has redacted the report against Saul.



Brody calls Jessica at home to tell her he needs to stop by to get his suit for a memorial. Jessica tells him they are just trying to get on with their lives. Brody goes home and Dana is there, wanting to know about the day he attempted to assassinate the vice president. She makes the connection that he must have been wearing a bomb and that is why she had to leave when he got dressed. He admits that to Dana and she storms away.

Saul tells Carrie he is going to try and nominate her for a high level position at the CIA (Station Chief). He tells her that she deserves it. She is brilliant and smart and she can handle it. Saul tells her she can’t be with Brody if she wants to be with the CIA.  “You’re the smartest and dumbest person I’ve ever known.” – Saul


Brody leaving the Memorial for VP Walden

Brody leaving the Memorial for VP Walden

Carrie and Brody sneak out from the memorial for Walden and she tells Brody she has made her decision and wants to be with him. She says that he made her change her mind. It seems we have hit a turning point and everything can finally settle down. With that, Brody realizes his car has been moved and within seconds, BOOM! A bomb is detonated in Brody’s car, sending everything at the memorial in flames.

Carrie and Brody sharing a kiss

Carrie and Brody sharing a kiss


Brody and Carrie come to, confused as to what just happened. Carrie gets up and finds her gun and points it at Brody. She looks at the damage and realizes EVERYTHING is gone! She automatically assumes that Brody is behind it, but he convinces her that it HAD TO BE Nazir!  As the sirens begin to ring, Carrie realizes they need to get out of there before anyone can get to Brody. She knows that nobody will believe him, so they sneak out and drive to her storage unit where she has everything they need to flee the country. It includes fake identities, tickets and cash.


Saul arrives on the scene to figure out what went wrong. There are over 200 dead and 27 survivors. David Estes, Mrs. Walden and Finn Walden are all dead. Carrie Mathison and Congressman Brody have not been accounted for, however, they are presumed dead. Saul is now in charge of the CIA, as he is the ranking officer in charge. He is told that the bomb came from Brody’s car, and Saul tries to make a call to Carrie’s cell and leaves her a message. Marilyn (his girlfriend/wife who left earlier in the season) calls him to make sure he is ok and tells him she is coming back.

Brody getting his new ID printed

Carrie helps Brody get a new id printed with a new identity as Jessica and the kids are being questioned by CIA agents. Dana comes to her father’s defense assuring the men that he DID NOT do it! With that, the news releases the video of Brody admitting to an attempted assassination of the vice president and other government officials.


Carrie and Brody’s plan is to cross the border by foot and hike up to a cabin for shelter. When they get to the border, however, Brody asks Carrie if she is coming, and she says she was going to but can’t now! This is a surprise turn of events as Carrie was finally going to have everything she wanted. Carrie promises to clear Brody’s name and says they will be together again one day. Brody tells her what they had was love. They share a warm embrace filled with emotion and heartache. Carrie is crushed and they say goodbye for now. Carrie is left alone, crushed by the fact that her and Brody cannot be together.


Saul wants to test the residue from Brody’s car bomb with the items found at the Gettysburg tailor shop. As Saul is praying for the loss of all who passed in the bombing, Carrie comes back. AND THAT”S HOW IT ENDS?!!!? SO MANY QUESTIONS LEFT UNANSWERED!!!!


Will Brody make it out of the country alive?

Where does he go if he does?

Will Carrie be targeted as an accomplice for Brody’s escape?

How will the CIA and the US recover from this tragedy??



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