Homeland – Season 2 Episode 11 – Recap – The Motherf*cker With The Turban

Here’s the recap for Season 2 Episode 11 of Homeland: “The Motherf*cker With The Turban” on SHOWTIME!


This week’s episode begins with Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) on the hunt for Abu Nazir in the factory where he had held her hostage. As she thinks she has closed in on Nazir, she opens a door to find Quinn and his team of men with guns drawn looking for Nazir. Quinn comforts Carrie and asks her how she got away from Nazir. She lies to Quinn to cover for Brody. She also finds out that Vice President Walden has died of a malfunction of his pacemaker, solidifying the fact that Brody held his end of the deal with Nazir.


Carrie on the hunt for Nazir

After the initial sweep of the building is complete and there is no sign of Nazir, Carrie is convinced SOMEONE else from their side helped Nazir escape. She begins questioning everyone from the CIA, including Galvez. When she quickly thinks it through, she makes a call to take down Galvez. When he gets to the roadblock, they throw him to the ground and check his car. It’s EMPTY!


Saul and Estes exchange a few choice words

Back at the CIA, Saul is being interrogated using a lie detector test because of the suicide death of a female terrorist named Irene. It seems that David Estes believes that Saul provided the weapon that Irene used to kill herself. This sets Saul off and Saul loses it. He shares his theory that Estes is plotting to assassinate a US Congressman (Brody) in the near future.


Roya is brought in to an interrogation room for questioning. David tells Quinn to question her because Carrie does not seem to be herself. Of course, Carrie finds a way to sneak in to talk with Roya and try and get her to Nazir. As it seems Carrie is getting to Roya, Roya grabs a hold of Carrie’s wounded wrists and begins yelling Arabic at her. Roya cannot be broken and doesn’t show any sympathy for the innocent lives lost from Nazir’s wrath.

Carrie is sent home to get some rest and as she is driving, she realizes that Roya gave her a hint at Nazir’s location. She follows her hunch and heads back to the warehouse where she was held hostage. She grabs a small tact team to sweep the tunnels again. She follows the team in and as they are moving through the building, Carrie and one team member separate from the rest of the group. They find where Nazir was staying and when Carrie goes to get the other team members, Nazir slices the guy’s throat. He goes after Carrie, but she escapes and hides from him. As she runs away, she yells for help, and Nazir finds her.


The tactical team gets there just in time to surround Nazir and hold him at gunpoint. We think they finally got him, but when he reaches into his pocket for something, three shots are fired KILLING ABU NAZIR!


Outside the building, Nazir’s body is being loaded into a CIA truck and Estes congratulates Carrie on a job well done. She says she couldn’t have done it alone and walks away.  Estes goes over to speak with Quinn about the future of the plan to kill Brody. He tells Quinn the plan is still a go because the CIA does NOT make deals with terrorists. He tells him to get the job done, “the sooner the better!” They can cover it up by saying that it was retaliation from Nazir’s team of terrorists.

Brody and his family are cleared to return home. As they get out of the car, Brody tells Jessica he cannot go back to the way things were. He confesses that he is not who she thinks he is and that he and Carrie have been in a relationship. He alludes to the fact that he was planning to kill Walden on the day of the assassination of Elizabeth Gaines. He then leaves and goes to Carrie’s house. He tells Carrie he had to choose between Nazir and her and he chose her with no question. As he enters Carrie’s house, Quinn is sitting outside her house watching them.


Next week is the season finale and it promises to be an INSANE ending to an AMAZING season!



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