Here’s a First Look at That CBS ‘Bad Teacher’ Sitcom

CBS is looking to the big screen for its next big comedy.

Bad Teacher, based on the 2011 Cameron Diaz film of the same name, stars Ari Graynor stars as Meredith Davis, the gold digger who fakes her way into a teaching job in order to find herself a husband. Naturally, her good looks and charisma have everyone eating out of the palm of her hand, from coworker Irene (Sara Gilbert) to Principal Carl Gaines (David Alan Grier). However, colleague Ginny (Kristin Davis) is immediately suspicious, and sets out to prove Meredith is a fraud. The cast also features Sara Rodier as Meredith’s gawky stepdaughter Lily, and Ryan Hansen in the gym teacher role Jason Segel played in the big screen counterpart. I thought the movie was pretty good, and Ari Graynor is a solid comedic actress, so there’s no reason this shouldn’t be a really fun little series.

You can check out the first official image from the show below, and let us know what other big-screen comedies you think should get the sitcom treatment in the comments:

Here's a First Look at That CBS 'Bad Teacher' Sitcom

Credit: CBS

Bad Teacher premieres Thursday, April 24, at 9:30 PM on CBS.

Via: E! Online

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