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Hell’s Kitchen – Season 10 Episode 4 – Recap – 15 Chefs Compete

In last night’s episode, we witnessed a disastrous record in the making: the Red Team were 0 for 3 in dinner services; they finally completed a dinner service tonight. The Blue Team completed theirs as well. Tonight’s success didn’t come easily, however, as Chef Ramsay kicked out three Red Team members and four Blue Team members from the kitchen. Though only 5 chefs remained on the Red Crew and only 3 chefs remained on the Blue Crew, both teams ironically served more entrees with fewer people on their teams. Interesting. My favorite contestant so far is Blue Team member Patrick. He’s a silent killer. He is quiet, but a leader at heart. I think he has what it takes to become head chef at Gordon Ramsay’s Steak House in Las Vegas, NV because he has focus, determination, leadership, and excellent cooking skills.

Last night, Red Team member Briana got the ax. If you missed Episode 3, you can read my recap and watch the elimination here:

Briana’s Elimination Video:

Challenge of the Day: Cook 4 Unique Lamb Dishes. Creativity is key.

The Red Team members are: Robyn, Tiffany, Roshni, Danielle, Kimmie, Barbie, Dana, Christina. Since the Red Team had eight people, they divided themselves up into 4 pairs of two. Each pair cooked and prepared one lamb dish. Their biggest mistake: Barbie and Robyn handed Chef Ramsay a dish filled with raw lamb chops. These girls never learn, do they? Of course, this enormous mistake cost them the challenge.

The Blue Team members are: Don, Guy, Royce, Justin, Brian, Patrick, Clemenza. Since the Blue Team had seven people, they divided themselves into 3 pairs of two and Patrick was left without a teammate because they had an odd number of members on their team. Each pair cooked and prepared one lamb dish. Their dishes were impeccable. Chef Ramsay mentioned he would pay a lot of money to try those dishes again. Their execution paid off.

Result: The Blue Team won by a score of 3 to 2 lamb dishes. I’m glad they won their first challenge! 🙂 Their reward: A VIP trip to the Horse Racetracks. Side Notes: Chef Ramsay gave the Blue Crew a $100 bill to bet on a racehorse. They betted on a Blue horse, but it came dead last. Aww. That was a cute scene to watch though. Over in the Hell’s Kitchen house, the Red Team ate lamb testicles as part of their punishment for losing the challenge. Gross.

The Blue Team are now 1 for 4 in challenges. The Red team are 3 for 4.

Tonight’s Dinner Service: The main goal is to finish dinner service.

The Red Team’s total count dwindled down to just 5 chefs tonight. Ramsay banished Roshni, Danielle, and Robyn from the kitchen. Two crucial mistakes from tonight: Danielle handed Chef Ramsay undercooked and unseasoned Risotto AND Roshni repeatedly gave Chef Ramsay raw, cold Wellington. In this episode, the Hell’s Kitchen editors decided to be gone with Barbie Haterade tonight and did not to feature “Public Enemy #1” Barbie as the main character. Instead, they featured a new animosity brewing between Kimmie and Danielle. Kimmie made ‘blonde jokes’ against Danielle, and Danielle made ‘weight jokes’ against Kimmie. That’s unfortunate. At the end of the night, the Red Team successfully completed their first dinner service despite missing three team members.

The Blue Team’s total count shriveled down to just 3 chefs tonight. Ramsay ousted Brian, Don, Royce, and Justin from the kitchen. Three enormous mistakes from tonight: Brian handed Chef Ramsay raw as well as burnt cod fish on numerous occasions (so he ran out of cod fish to cook); Don gave Chef Ramsay raw New York Strip; and Royce and Justin simultaneously cooked bass fish. These boys need to work on communication. There is no way that they could know who’s on which station if they don’t communicate. By the way, I think Don is hilarious. He has a funny TV persona even though he is a lousy chef. The Blue Team completed their second dinner service whilst missing four team members.

In regards to dinner services, the Blue Team are 2 for 4. The Red Team, however, are 1 for 4.

Result: Both teams lost tonight. Four names were submitted for elimination: Don and Brian (from the Blue Team), Roshni and Danielle (from the Red Team). Out of these four contestants, Ramsay eliminated Don.

In a surprising twist, Chef Ramsay placed Roshni on the Blue Team. Roshni seriously has nine lives. This season is no longer the battle of Men vs. Women. I believe the producers just wanted to have seven contestants on each team, instead of six people on the Blue Team and eight people on the Red Team.

I’m not surprised to see Don go. He was very funny and nice; but, he lacked the culinary skills necessary to win this show. It sucks the Blue Team has already lost three members as opposed to the Red Team losing just one member. As of right now, I am definitely rooting for Blue Team member Patrick, but I don’t know if he will remain my favorite later on in the season.

Chef Ramsay’s Analogies of the Night

“That lamb chop looks like Steven Tyler’s earlobe.” – Chef Ramsay referring to Clemenza’s lamb dish from today’s challenge.

“It sounds like you’ve been circumcised without an anesthetic.” – Chef Ramsay referring to Guy’s scream when he accidentally sliced the tip of his finger with a knife.

14 chefs remain. The next episode airs Monday, 6/18, at 8pm ET.

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