Hawaii Five-0 – Mana’o – Recap

When Danno’s ex partner and friend shows up dead, Danno takes it upon himself to do the job no one else is willing to do and find out who did it. His death was obviously done to send a message but crooked cops hinder Danno from getting very far in the investigation. Danno and Steve get together to go undercover and do some digging and end up bungee cording a guy to their car while they speed down the highway. Seriously why haven’t they been sued yet? LOL.

The frightened man on the hood of their car leads them to a cocaine operation with a mole in the police department. Danno is determined to prove his friends innocence. The injustice of what could happen to his friend’s family is killing him. He resorts to asking for help from one of the criminals from the first episodes. He’s able to ID the cop in the department who has been selling out his friend and they arrest him.

Scott Caan’s performance was amazing. You could feel his frustration and heartbreak in those final scenes when he was finally able to get his friend justice.

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