Hart of Dixie – Season 2 Episode 17 – Recap – We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

Here’s the recap for Season 2 Episode 17 of Hart of Dixie: “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” on The CW!

Coming off her breakup with Wade (Wilson Bethel), Zoe (Rachel Bilson) is not coping too well. Surrounded by junk food, pies and sympathetic phone calls, she finally gets herself out of bed and into Lavon‘s (Cress Williams) kitchen. The heartache only continues there when she runs smack into the man who caused it, Wade. If I was Wade I probably would have hid out in that kitchen all day because word of his mistreatment of Zoe has spread as quickly as the flu he brought into town. Being verbally attacked from all angles it’s clear Wade knows what a mistake he made cheating on Zoe. Suck to suck Mr. Kinsella.

Bluebell’s seemingly most functional relationship seems to be on their way down as Shelby (Laura Bell Bundy) and Brick (Tim Matheson) return from their NOLA vacay early leaving the Breeland girls to think only the happiest of thoughts. While they have ideas about life minus Shelby, Brick has other ideas when he tells his nephew Jonah they plan on moving in together. In a moment of weakness Jonah(Travis Van Winkle) lets it slip to Lemon (Jaime King) of Brick’s plans leaving Lemon to make a plan of her own… an evil one. Cluing Magnolia (Claudia Lee)  in on their father’s plans for cohabitation, she tells her to be strong and withstand any material advances from Brick and Shelby.

In an effort to get out of her post breakup funk, Zoe decides to head back to work only to find not one, but two things she could do without- Jonah Breeland and more pies. Making a quick exit to the bar she finds herself surrounded by two other Wade rejects, Tansy and Lilly Ann (Amy Ferguson). While Lilly Ann showed her hate for Wade via song, Tansy (Mircea Monroe) and Zoe dealt with it another way…everyone’s favorite coping mechanism- alcohol. Realizing her hatred for Wade wasn’t going to go away that easily, Zoe decides to head back into the office the next day, Jonah or no Jonah.

Her first patient is everyone’s favorite “not so impressed” fab five girl- McKayla Maroney (aka Tonya) who is being treated for strep throat. When she tells Dr. Hart she got it from making out with her soon to be boyfriend down by the pond Zoe’s head starts to spin. Asking her to bring her boyfriend in for testing, Zoe is surprised to see Rose’s (McKaley Miller) boyfriend Max (Nicholas Podany) come in suffering from strep throat too. Still reeling from her breakup with Wade she assumes Max is the guy Tonya’s been hooking up with and goes on a stake out with Rose to catch him in the act. Turns out Zoe was wrong and when Rose gets upset that she almost ruined she and Max’s relationship she knows she needs to cool it on the guy hating.

Zoe takes care of Tonya, whom she believes Rose's boyfriend is cheating on her with

Zoe takes care of Tonya, whom she believes Rose’s boyfriend is cheating on her with

Meanwhile, Lavon and Wade have been assigned the task of running the Church Fundraiser together and after a myriad of excuses to get them out of having to work together, it was “God’s word” that they help run the event together. While there Wade manages to lose the donation box and is reemed out by Lavon who says he is always disappointing people, not only when it comes to Zoe but in other aspects of his life too. Once the donation box was found and returned safely Lavon knows he owes Wade an apology. Wade knows he lost the best things that’s ever happened to him when it comes to Zoe but he feared he lost the best friend he’s ever had in Lavon. Lavon assures him that will never happen and all is right in the world of Lavon and Wade.

Lemon, always up to no good, has enlisted the help of George (Scott Porter) to dig up dirt on Shelby. They decide to take a trip to see Shelby’s open house when they hear she put up her condo for sale. While there the two search high and low for something to use against her so she won’t be Brick’s permanent houseguest. After finding some interesting clothing options, they find something they can use. Shelby is apparently way behind in her mortgage payments and in major debt. She has 90 days before her condo goes into foreclosure. Pleasantly happy with their detective skills, Lemon can’t wait to report back after finding out Magnolia had cracked when Brick and Shelby offered her a new car. (Worthless Magnolia) After spilling the beans to Brick it turns out he was already aware of Shelby’s financial situation and totally okay with it. He was not okay however with Lemons’ meddling, and since Daddy wasn’t happy with her actions- what’s a Lemon to do- hit the bar.

Shocker: Zoe’s at the bar too. The two finally find common ground in the fact that they just shouldn’t get into other people’s business when clearly they have enough issues of their own. While Lemon goes to George to apologize for getting him involved in her business, Zoe heads out to be alone. But she isn’t along long when Jonah shows up to try and turn Zoe’s frown upside down. She was able to avoid his advances for now but with that smile, and those cheekbones, I don’t know how she is going to do it for long.

Zoe and Lemon finally agree on something

Zoe and Lemon finally agree on something

New episodes don’t start again until April 9th, so I guess I’ll just have to search pics of Wade with no shirt on to get me through. I suggest you do the same. Happy googling J

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