Hart of Dixie – Season 2 Episode 13 – Recap – Lovesick Blues

Here’s the recap for Season 2 Episode 13 of Hart of Dixie: “Lovesick Blues” on The CW!

Bluebell prides itself on being the best town in Alabama, so when rival town Fillmore makes a commercial to promote strawberry season, Lavon (Cress Williams) enlists the help of George (Scott Porter) to create their own. After coming up with an idea that is sure to wow tourists, it’s time to cast the leading lady. Seeing as how Lavon is the Mayor and he gets to choose, he chooses his latest love interest, Annabeth (Kaitlyn Black).

Lemon (Jaime King) and Walt (Rich McDonald) are now 8 weeks into their relationship and he wants to cook dinner for her, so you know what that means, its time for some sex. In an effort to make everything perfect Lemon goes to her number one gal pal, Annabeth. Lemon is so grateful for her advice and friendship that Annabeth begins to rethink staring in the commercial with Lavon.

While part of the state is lovesick, the rest of the state is just plain sick. With news that the flu is on the loose Lavon and Zoe (Rachel Bilson) take it upon themselves to quarantine the town. But after careful consideration, and a boyfriend out of town with a crazy ex, Zoe decides to revoke the quarantine for people who have had a flu shot. With Brick (Tim Matheson) on vacation, Zoe asks Rose (McKaley Miller) to be second in command since the quarantine ruined her plans of going to the Black Keys concert.

Zoe and Rose take care of the town after they've been struck by the flu

Zoe and Rose take care of the town after it’s been struck by the flu

Filming of the Bluebell commercial welcomes back the appearance of Tonya (McKayla Maroney) as one of the extras. Although there is a Gold Medal Olympian on set, there is no hot air balloon to be found, a vital part of the commercial apparently. While the commercial is cooling down, things with Lavon and Annabeth are heating up as their chemistry is undeniable on camera. In a sudden panic of emotion Annabeth decides to back out of the commercial to spare Lemon’s feelings.

During filming Zoe hears a sneeze and Cody (Joe Massingill) is the culprit. She drags him back to the office and determines that he has in fact caught the flu. Here it is discovered that Wade is the reason for the flu getting into Bluebell. Zoe is upset to find out that Wade has been in town this whole time and hasn’t answered any of her messages. Once she finds out she goes to his house to find him sick in bed. Her doctor’s instinct tells her to take care of him, much to Wade’s dislike. After taking care of himself his whole life he doesn’t know how to let someone else do it.

While Lemon is getting ready for her big night she begins to sneeze. Scared that she is going to ruin things, she starts chugging medicine. When Walt arrives Lemon seems to be feeling gooddddd.. As the night progresses Lemon’s flu isn’t slowing down, and either is here wooziness. Just when things are about to get started Walt makes it clear to Lemon that she’s sick and takes care of her the rest of the night.

In another house across town, Lavon brings soup and a care package to a “sick” Annabeth. Things seem to be going smoothly until Lavon goes in for the kiss. Being a good friend, Annabeth denies his advances and tells him to leave. The next morning she goes to Lemon’s to rehash the night to find a sick Lemon on the couch with her Prince Charming. After seeing how happy Lemon is in her new relationship she decides to make a stop by Lavon’s to apologize for last night, but they did more kissing then talking. (Get it Lavon)

Lavon brings soup to a "sick" Annabeth

Lavon brings soup to a “sick” Annabeth

It was only a matter of time before Zoe caught the flu, and who of all people is there to take care of her-Wade. What a gem.

Zoe and Wade seem to be holding on strong, but I’m more concerned with how Lemon is going to react to the news of her best friend and former love getting together. Will she be happy with Walt or will old feelings begin to pop up? …. again.

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