Hart of Dixie – Season 2 Episode 12 – Recap – Islands in the Stream

Here’s the recap for Season 2 Episode 12 of Hart of Dixie: “Islands in the Stream” on The CW!

It’s the second episode and Zoe (Rachel Bilson) and Wade (Wilson Bethel) seem to be going strong, yet it’s only a matter of time before things start to unravel when they begin to realize how different they are. In an attempt to keep things going solid, Zoe encourages him to try new things and find something he may like, such as a foreign film.

On the way to the film, they run into George (Scott Porter), his girlfriend Tansy(Mircea Monroe), and George’s parents (Eric Pierpoint and Ilene Graff) who are in town on business. Having met Tansy in just her towel, it’s safe to say his parent’s (well mostly his mother) are not about to give George a gold star regarding his choice of girlfriend. It doesn’t seem Mrs.Tucker is a fan of any of his girlfriends, including Lemon (Jaime King). She wants George to get out of Bluebell and back to the life he deserves. A life she believes will include Zoe after seeing how much they have in common.

Tanzy, George and his parents run into Zoe and Wade at the movie theather.

Tansy, George and his parents run into Zoe and Wade at the movie theater.

It doesn’t seem like anyone is a huge fan of Lemon lately. Even her own father has been blowing her off lately to hang out with his much younger main squeeze Shelby (Laura Bell Bundy). Shelby decides to befriend Lemon before they tell the girls about their relationship but not before Lemon and Magnolia (Claudia Lee) find a bra in the house. As the questions start pouring in- Lemon deducts that her dad is seeing someone. Lemon agrees to have dinner with Shelby thinking she can help her find out “what bimbo” her dad is sleeping with. Ut Oh!

In other news of “people that aren’t happy with Lemon Breeland” – Lavon (Cress Williams) is on a mission to discover the background of the English gent Oliver that seems to have caught the eye of Annabeth (Kaitlyn Black). After some digging Lavon recognizes him from a bachelor weekend, a river guide…with a southern accent. After confronting Oliver, the two grab a drink at the Rammer Jammer to sort things out. He explains to Lavon that he came down with foreign accent syndrome after hitting his head on the river boat. Apparently there are drugs that can be taken but he doesn’t want to take the drugs because of the action he was getting from the accent. Lavon tells Oliver it’s not fair he is lying to people and tells him to be honest to Annabeth.

Speaking of being honest… Zoe and George agree to go on a double date, but when their better halves have other ideas they both make up lies to get out of it. Showing how compatible they really are Zoe and George decide to take their dates out of town to dinner- only to run into each other at the same restaurant. In an effort to avoid having dinner together George and Tansy fake a fight and the couples enjoy dinner separately. Dinner doesn’t last long though as George’s mother texts George and Zoe to let them of George’s fathers chest pains.

Mrs. Tucker seems to have two loves in life- meddling in George’s relationships and lying. Turns out George’s dad was fine and this was all just a ploy to get Zoe and George alone on the boat. Not in her plan– the engine flooding and the three of them getting stranded in the middle of the river. She demands to know why they aren’t together and just when George and Zoe’s confess that they have feelings for each other-Tansy and Wade show up. Right off Tansy wants to break if off with George but after a long talk, and a very awkward green screen scene, the two couples agree that they are happy in their relationships and decide to stay together.

Zoe and George get stranded on his house boat thanks to Mrs. Tucker.

Zoe and George get stranded on his house boat thanks to Mrs. Tucker.

Lemon is on a mission to break up the relationship her father seems to have gotten himself into and after a late night phone call to the office, her target seems to be her best friend Annabeth. Although Annabeth has problems when it comes to her own love life. After some persuading from Lavon, Oliver comes clean and tells her the truth about his condition. Annabeth tells him she will love him regardless and convinces him to take the drugs. Once the accent was done, so was their relationship. Now that Oliver is out of the picture, it seems like Lavon is ready to make his move. (Ruby who?)

Lemon comes home to find Annabeth hugging Brick as a thank you for helping Oliver and Lemon unloads. In a large case of confusion, Brick lets it slip that Shelby is the girl he’s been seeing. She seems to be on board with it but in true Lemon fashion, she has alterior motives, and vow’s to get rid of Shelby.

While things are a little shaky over at the Breeland’s dinner table, things are starting to settle down between Team Zoe/Wade and Team George/Tansy as they finally sit down for a double date. All is well in Bluebell tonight, but stay tuned cause I have a feeling thing’s won’t stay settled for long.

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