Hart of Dixie – Season 3 Episode 2 – Recap – Friends In Low Places

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Hart of Dixie – Season 3 Episode 2 – Recap – Friends In Low Places

Hart of Dixie continues its dynamite third season on The CW with this week’s episode. Dr. Zoe Hart is back in BlueBell, Alabama after a summer in New York, and she’s got a new boyfriend with her. We’re following up right on the end of last week’s sexy revelations, with each plotline following one of the hook-up couples until they all meet up at a dinner party.

Zoe and Joel

Zoe Hart (recently moved back to BlueBell, and no longer one of the town’s doctors) wakes up to find her boyfriend Joel surrounded by fans with an ice pack on his head. After the move to BlueBell, the heat is getting to him. Zoe makes it her mission to fall in love with BlueBell, and her first step to this end is planning a nice dinner party with Mayor Hayes at the plantation. Unfortunately, later, there’s some WiFi troubles, and Joel ends up sitting on something called “Fire Ant Rock”. Off they rush to Doctor Breeland’s office. Luckily, they’re finished in time for the dinner party.

Hart of Dixie - Season 3 Episode 2 - Recap - Friends In Low Places - Lemonade

Lemon and Wade

Lemon wakes up another morning with Meatball, her secret ride to The Bone Zone. She throws him out, horrified. Then, in her public love life, everyone thinks she’s dating Wade (who she is not). It’s pretty funny seeing how horrified they are when they have to kiss to prove they’re together. Then later, Meatball finds out about the Wade/Lemon relationship (which he also thinks is real). Meatball says he won’t have cool naked times with Lemon while she’s dating Wade. Lemon decides to use this opportunity to break herself of her addiction to Meatball. Then, Lemon meets a handsome dude in a store (and Zoe sees them flirting), so she decides that her and Wade have got to break it off. Lemon plans to take the cute dude from the store to the dinner party for Joel, but when Zoe confronts Wade about it being fake, Wade decides that the charade must continue even harder.

George and Lynly

George finds himself running out in the morning from LaVon’s “little” cousin Lynly (she’s 25), whose name he cannot recall and whose relation to Mayor Hayes he has not learned. They both agree that it is a one-time thing, but (in her recently heartbroken state), Lynly changes her mind. George rejects her. They do not learn each other’s names, but Lynly gets back to LaVon’s house very upset. Which in turn makes LaVon very angry at the mystery dude. LaVon seeks help from George, who quickly discerns this mystery dude is him. Then, George and Lynly both end up at the dinner party.

Hart of Dixie - Season 3 Episode 2 - Recap - Friends In Low Places

The Dinner Party

A bunch of stuff happens at the dinner party all at once. Joel discovers that LaVon gave one of his books a bad Amazon review. Whoops! George and Lynly run into one another and it’s awkward! Eep! Lemon shows up with her new possible beau, but Wade is also there! Egads! Then, Joel accidentally eats some food he’s allergic to and needs some bed rest. Crud! Eventually, Lemon comes clean to this dude, Carter, about how the thing with Wade is fake. Everything seems about ready to wrap up cleanly when a drunken Meatball shows up and announces loudly that he and Lemon have been sleeping together. Then, LaVon and Lynly ask George for tutoring help, with Lynly having just decided to go to law school.

This is another awesome episode. Plot takes a back seat once again to the magic of interpersonal drama in the fictional town of BlueBell, where everyone is sex-positive and it causes all kinds of hassles. The very beginnings of the show tried to focus on some kind of medical emergency each week, and that formula kept going for a while, but now it seems to have been abandoned now that Zoe isn’t the town’s doctor anymore. Instead, all the attention is on BlueBell’s fine and frisky citizens who just can’t keep their hands off each other! Check out a preview for this episode below, and if you missed it, it should hit The CW’s website some time tomorrow!

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