Hart of Dixie – Season 3 Episode 1 – Who Says You Can’t Go Home – Recap

Hart of Dixie - Season 3 Episode 1 - Who Says You Can't Go Home - Recap - Zoe

Hart of Dixie – Season 3 Episode 1 – Who Says You Can’t Go Home – Recap

Hey folks! I’m a day late on this, thanks to a sportsball match on The CW preempting Hart of Dixie‘s season 3 premiere, but here it is: My recap for Hart of Dixie‘s season 3 premiere! If you don’t already know, Hart of Dixie is a show about Dr. Zoe Hart, a doctor from New York City who inherits half of a medical practice in a small Alabama town called BlueBell, a magical place where Southern Pride is expressed with fancy dresses and delicious food instead of traitor flags and bigotry. Anyway, this episode picks up three months after the end of last season. Zoe has been out of BlueBell for the summer, having confessed her love to an unavailable man (George Tucker) and had her ex do the same to her.

Zoe has a nice little dream about being back in BlueBell, but wakes up to the harsh reality of hospital drudgery. As she gets back into the swing of things, she keeps seeing BlueBellians in the face of various randos around the hospital. Of course this means she totally misses her teen pal Rose (away from home on a field trip) actually being at the hospital. And anyway, she was distracted by her new boyfriend (he’s called Joel) that she’s gotten over the summer talking about her New York City apartment she’s moving into with him!! It comes out that Zoe has decided to stay in New York! Her boyf recommends she go visit BlueBell to tie up loose ends and say a proper goodbye. And also, she needs her former partner Dr. Brick Breeland to sign a letter of recommendation so she can get this apartment with the bf.

Hart of Dixie - Season 3 Episode 1 - Who Says You Can't Go Home - Recap - Wade

First step off the bus, Zoe’s ex Wade greets her. Everyone else is in a town meeting and (Zoe’s ex) Wade Kinsella is just sexily reclining on a muscle car like it’s no big deal, bein’ a rebel. When she confronts the townsfolk, it turns out everyone hates her now, because her leaving caused a chan reaction that has led to a terrible new status quo.

The New Status Quo

Since she confessed her love for town attorney George Tucker, George’s beau Tansy skipped town, so George went on tour with a band. Taking advantage of the absence of BlueBell’s lawyer, the rival town of Fillmore starts suing everyone in BlueBell. Bluebell has to cancel the Founder’s Day parade from all this. Also, LaVon’s cousin moved into Zoe’s old place and the doctor’s office being understaffed gets Magnolia sent off to boarding school. Got it?

Anyway, Brick also hates Zoe, and will only sign the letter if Zoe can get George Tucker into court to make sure the Founder’s Day parade can happen. Fun coincidence: George is in the hotel room right next to Zoe’s. He’s ragged and beardy and fat now. Zoe has Lemon go over and fix his business, then he’s off to court! George wins the case and Brick signs the letter! Zoe leaves forever! Show over! No actually not really.

Hart of Dixie - Season 3 Episode 1 - Who Says You Can't Go Home - Recap - Joel

Zoe has to cancel her flight back to NYC (which means her and Joel miss the meeting to get the apartment) when Crazy Earl comes to her with a medical issue that turns out to be a major emergency. He’s got blood poisoning going up his arm. Since he won’t go to a hospital, Zoe and Wade decide to monitor overnight. By morning, it’s receeded, so the danger has passed. The whole time, Crazy Earl doesn’t even realize that Zoe had left or that her and Wade had broken up. After all this Crazy Earl stuff, Boyfriend Joel shows up! The couple decides to stick around for the Founder’s Day parade. Then, they decide to just… stay! Forever! Well, indefinitely. Surprise, surprise! Hart is staying in Dixie on Hart of Dixie!

Other miscellaneous gossip! Tansy is dating Scooter McGreevy (Fillmore’s attorney), George hooks up with LaVon’s cousin, Lemon and Wade are fake dating (to make Zoe mad), and Lemon is secretly sleeping with Meatball. Overall, this season premiere was pretty good! Light on plot, but that is understandable considering how much lost time had to be covered. Lots of shake ups and changes and gossip!

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