Hampton Williams – Exorcist Audition – So You Think You Can Dance

Hampton Williams auditions for So You Think You Can Dance in Dallas with his “Exorcist” dance.

This was incredible. You can truly can be an artist no matter what genre you do. Hampton is a prime example. Excellent audition.

Watch the video here:

Hampton Williams  Audition  So You Think You Can Dance

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Never have I seen anything like Hampton Williams. He is a beautiful human being. I am mesmerized and emotionally moved. I NEED to see him perform again. It's like being re-born.

Mike Wichman
Mike Wichman

please tell me who did the music for Hampton Williams audition for "so you think you can dance" last night


WOW! best of all the seasons...truely a gift

jeffreychrist moderator

I sat on my sofa stunned from the first moment to the last, unable to breathe - it's been a long time since a dance had made such an emotional impact on my very psyche. This was hauntingly beautiful - a fucking work of art.